Basics of flower arranging

What are the characteristics of each of the dried flower and artificial flower arrangements?

The flower materials used in dried flower arrangements are natural plant materials that have been dehydrated and processed. They do not lose the natural beauty of the original plants, but can be dyed at will. After inserting as durable, easy to manage, while not subject to lighting restrictions, dark light can also be applied. Generally used in the corridor of hotels and restaurants, ground floor, no light hall, dark restaurant and the corner of the staircase platform, coffee shops, bars and other dark places are also commonly used for its decoration. The disadvantage of the base is that it is afraid of humid environment.
Artificial flowers used in flower arrangements are artificial imitation of various plant materials, such as PU, silk, polyester, crystal, plastic, etc.. There is a wide variety of imitation and also random design and coloring. Although its price is more expensive, but a purchase can be used for many years, easy to manage, as long as the timely removal of dust can be. The most suitable for large stage, window decoration, wedding, family room also have a lot of applications.
Dried flowers, as already formed bouquets, basically no longer need your careful care. It can keep its beautiful form even in the sultry summer heat. And the home decorated with dried flowers can always bring out the natural feeling easily. Whether you want to achieve the romantic style of a small duchess, or the simple country style, or the most popular cafe style of the moment, it can be satisfied by the different treatments of dried flowers. And the fresh treatment of dried flowers will surely dispel the inherent impression of dried flowers in your mind.
Most of the flowers in your daily life can be made into dried flower arrangements, and they can be preserved for a longer period of time when made into dried flowers. The easiest and most natural way to make a dried flower arrangement is to dry it naturally in a warm, dry place and then arrange it. But some flowers can be deformed or even spoiled by air-drying, so if you want them to dry faster, you may want to use a microwave oven to help.
Almost all flowers in life can be made into dried flowers, so there is a wide variety of dried flower arrangements, and there is no shortage of them due to the change of seasons. Dried flower arrangements are colorful, chic, elegant, and long-lasting, and they bloom in all seasons, so people who are allergic to pollen can enjoy dried flower arrangements with confidence.
People who make dried flower arrangements enjoy leisure and recreation at the same time, but also got a gift of choice, the enjoyment of beauty, will feel a sense of accomplishment; and will make the dried flower arrangements artwork to send people, is a rare personalized gifts, but also can delight the spirit, cultivate sentiment, highlighting the elegance of human taste Oh.
Modern people advocate nature, in the living room increasingly highlight the natural style, the most traditional ancient handmade dried flower arrangement art, elegant colors, classic design to show the flower style. Dried flower arrangements are made of a combination of all natural materials, without any pollution, and meet the requirements of people for the ornamental time of flowers, so that the life of the flower works can be extended.
The modern art of dried flower arrangement does not require excessive matching of types and quantities of flower materials, but emphasizes the beauty of hue, gesture and charm of each flower material. The composition with one kind of flower material can also achieve a better effect. Different compositions of dried flower arrangements and combinations with different floral materials can achieve completely different effects, which is the expressive power of dried flower arrangements.
The art of dried flower arrangement is more concerned with the mood of the work, and there is almost no restriction on the choice of flower materials and vessels. The composition of dried flower arrangements focuses on the sense of three-dimensionality and space, leaving a blank space to give people room for imagination. Through the combination of dried flower arrangement art, the very insignificant materials can be organized into an elegant artwork, which is the charm of dried flower arrangement art.

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