Basics of flower arranging

The most popular flower material in floral arrangement, surprisingly not flowers, but simulation flowers

Artistic flower arrangement is a traditional excellent culture, is to use the beauty of nature to convey emotions, with flowers to spread love, flowers to meet friends, flowers to beautify and decorate the home, etc. is a new fashion in modern society.
Flower arrangement commonly used three kinds of flower materials, flowers [alias real flowers], dried flowers [alias immortal flowers], artificial flowers [alias fake flowers or simulation flowers]. That the most popular flower material in the arrangement is surprisingly artificial simulation of flowers, why is it? Let’s find out.
1, most of the species of flowers need suitable soil and water, etc. to survive relatively well, so although it will also be used in the art of flower arrangement, but the flower arrangement needs to be cut in various positions such as the flower’s branches and rods, after cutting the flowers suffered serious damage, such as roots, branches and leaves were cut off, even if replanted is difficult to survive, so the bright flowers used in flower arrangements, survival time is very short, will soon wither, which is It is seldom used in floral arrangements for this reason.
2, dried flowers are mainly made of naturally dried flowers or processed dried plants for the arrangement, can be dyed at will, the combination, the preservation time after the arrangement is much longer than flowers. But dried flowers are very afraid of sun exposure, but also very afraid of moisture, generally about a year will lose its brilliance, if not well preserved, easy to mold, color darkening and so on, so used in floral arrangements rarely, but in some simple bouquets, there are still many people will like.
3, artificial flowers alias simulated flowers or fake flowers, simulated flowers material, and is divided into several kinds, such as common, silk, cotton, silk, velvet, PU, plastic, polyester, etc.. Simulation degree is high, and preservation time is very long, like a high-quality fabric or PU leather material, in the normal placement, less placed for several years, more placed on a hundred years, and easy to clean, not easy to dirty. Used in the art of floral arrangements is very fine, is now used in floral arrangements in the most flower materials. Floral arrangements are now very popular in home decoration, store decoration, park decoration, etc.

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