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Table flower without a flower vessel

This work is made directly with leaf material wrapped in flower clay without the use of flower containers. If you don’t have a suitable container, you can try this method.
Preparation materials

Tools: flower clay, transparent tape, cellophane

Flower materials: roses, crystal grass, turtleback bamboo

1、Cut the flower clay into the right size, soak it, wrap it with cellophane for waterproof treatment, and fix it with transparent tape.

2, trim the cellophane, the height is lower than the flower clay.

3, like this, the flower clay is processed.

4、Use the leaves of the turtle back bamboo, cover the flower clay.

5、Poke a hole in the cellophane on the side of the flower clay, insert the turtleback bamboo into the flower clay and fix one side.

6、Use the whole leaf around the flower clay to cover the side of the flower clay. If one piece is not enough, you can use more pieces.

7, use ivy to fix the turtle back bamboo, you can also use hemp rope or other rope, but with rattan leaf material is more natural.

8、Wrap a few turns and tie it on, not too loose, to ensure that the turtle back bamboo wrapped in flower clay will not fall off.

9, cut some ivy, inserted in the flower clay above and to the side of the bottom.

10, insert roses, pay attention to the orientation and height of the flowers. Roses inserted on the location to have some rhythm, not too flat or too neat. Do not forget that the side can also be inserted flowers.

11, insert crystal grass, also pay attention to the height of the staggered placement.

12, crystal grass is dried flowers, can not absorb water, so in the side bundle of turtle back bamboo on the ivy can also insert some as decoration.

13, and finally embellished with ivy can be completed.
14, post-care: because of the non-use of flower containers, so be sure to pay attention to good waterproof. In addition, do not spray water to the flower head of the rose, or water droplets seeped into the middle of the petals, the flower head instead is easy to rot.

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