Home flower arrangement sample

How to make a simple family Christmas tree

Make a Christmas tree like this at home

Materials needed

Tools: flower Mud

Flower material: white pine, sapium

Steps for making:

1、First of all, cut the flower Mud into a conical shape to make it easier to shape.

2、When cutting the flower Mud, don’t rush, cut it little by little, don’t cut it too big if you are not sure.

3, cut into a taller cone will be fine.

4, the top to make the shape of the tip, in the upper insert white pine need to stand upright some, do not insert horizontally.

5, the lower the clay is inserted horizontally to make the shape of the tree, this stage is in the skeleton, do not need to insert too dense, first make the shape out.

6, Christmas trees need to insert branches on all sides of the clay, not just one side.

7、After the overall tree shape is completed, start to insert the sebiferous, the distribution of natural insert some that can.

8、Finally, you can take scissors to trim some of the pine branches to destroy the overall sense of completion.

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