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Home Floristry-vase arrangement

Many people like to put home floral works or green plants in the home, hoping to add a point of nature for the home. Let’s choose a beautiful vase, insert a beautiful bouquet of flowers, give myself and my family a good intention.

If you can match a unique vase, not only the plants inside can bring a bit of greenery for the HOS, the vase itself can be used as a small decoration to decorate the home. Therefore, the choice of vase is very important, glass vases, ceramic vases, colored vases, each have their own style, and the most important thing is that the vase should be arranged to match the surrounding environment, in order to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Living room.
Modern glass vases are perfect for the living room, next to the sofa mantel, on the antique shelf and in the decorative cabinet. They complement other decorative items and beautify your life together.

In terms of color, glass vases have changed from the traditional look and feel of transparent and crystal clear. Red containing tantalum, blue containing cobalt, green containing aluminum, and purple containing manganese have made a big change in the color of glass vases. In addition, the more colorful the colors are due to the constant adjustment of color formulas, the more colorful they become, constituting a dream-like effect. This leaves a great deal of room for maneuvering in choosing the best vase.

A good match: the living room is the center of the gathering of friends and family, you can choose some bright vases, to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. Bouquets can be appropriately large, so that once you enter the living room vision will be immediately absorbed by it, and the fragrance of flowers, refreshing.

Dining room, the mood of flowers and food
Dining table arrangement, is always a good place to show the master of mood, the secret is very simple, lay a moody table mat, then, what to put tableware, the use of those decorative items, depending on your choice of Chinese or Western food.

However, the matching accessories are always flowers and vases, do not think that only Western food with home floral, flowers and Chinese food is also a good partner of “flirt”.

Good match: the dining table is the center of everyone’s dining and communication, the height of the vase should not be too high, otherwise it will affect everyone’s view. The vase should be placed in the center of the table, so that everyone can dine while watching the flowers.

Bathroom, tease your romantic mood
Into other people’s homes, if his bathroom is the fragrance of flowers, then, this is already nowhere without fragrance! For guests, hosts, stay in every corner of the house is a kind of enjoyment.

Undoubtedly, the bathroom needs to meet the requirements of multi-function, in the process of decoration, should be carefully designed and built. One of the most important, is to do a few flower shelves in the right place, a few pots of flowers or bonsai, fragrant, full of flavor; can also hang a few art paintings, so that people are relaxed, cultural atmosphere highlights. Or your aesthetic genius to the extreme, randomly placed a pot to fake artificial flowers, it does not matter? Anyway, it’s all about bringing pleasure to the soul, just think it smells good enough.

Good way: keeping plants in the bathroom for a long time may not be very realistic for some people, so for lazy people, changing a bottle of flowers every week is a very viable method.

tudy, add some elegance
Even without flowers, the vase itself can be used to decorate the study, but it depends on the shape and size of the room and furniture to choose.

If the study is narrow, it is not appropriate to choose too large a volume of species, so as not to produce a feeling of congestion and suppression, in the arrangement of the appropriate “point decoration method”, that is, in the appropriate central placement of delicate and small vase, to play a decorative effect of decorative point, strengthen. And the area is more open study can choose a larger volume of species, such as half a person high floor porcelain vase, carefully configured several painted glass vases, can add an elegant and calm atmosphere for the study.

A good match: the study is the center of reading, should choose a vase of quiet color. The choice of home floral arrangements also follow the same reasoning.

Bedroom, soothing your mood
The bedroom, not only should provide us with a warm sleep, but also the center of our consideration and comfort the mind. Therefore, when using vases to arrange the bedroom, the most important thing to think about color both harmonious and contrasting.

It should be selected based on the color of the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture and other furnishings in the room. If the room color is cold, you can think about the warm color vase to enhance the warm and lively atmosphere in the room. Conversely, the vase can be arranged in cold colors to give a sense of tranquility and peace.

A good match: the bedroom should choose to make people feel warm texture of the vase, such as ceramic, wooden vase. Flowers are also appropriate to choose pure and warm varieties.

Kitchen, the flavour of vegetables and flower arrangements
The modern overall kitchen used to be the place where more and more girlfriends meet, and in order to create a chic atmosphere that is close and not dull, beautiful items that are not directly related to cooking are introduced into the kitchen. Angry flowers, exquisite vases, are often the meaning of the hostess taste.

Of course, the kitchen environment should first be considered clean and hygienic, and the plants should be clean, pest-free and odor-free species. In addition, the kitchen is easy to produce fumes, the plants placed should also have a good anti-pollution ability, such as aloe vera, water tower flowers, kidney fern, lily of the valley, etc.

Good match: with if you choose vegetables, fruit information for home floral arrangements, both with the kitchen environment and harmonious, but also a unique flavor.

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