Basics of flower arranging

Color matching of flower materials

Different flowers have different colors and characteristics, which can bring people different emotions and imagination space. The clever use of color in space floral design can keep up with fashion trends and create a colorful living space. The following are the characteristics of several colors.
Red represents auspiciousness, joy, warmth, exuberance, passion, fighting spirit and revolution, which can create a passionate and strong sense of visual space and give people a feeling of fervor. In the red series floral space design, the joyful color makes people feel enthusiastic and beautiful.
Pink in the red series represents gentleness, cuteness, sweetness and innocence. Pink can make people noble and elegant, make people’s spirit relax, is the favorite color of girls. In the pink color floral space design, the feeling of sweetness and love can be seen everywhere, and the charming warm sentiment is highlighted here.
Yellow is a combination of green and orange, the most luminous color among all hues, giving people a light, transparent and hopeful impression. In the yellow color system floral space design, it can bring warmth and give people a sunny and bright feeling.
Orange in the yellow family represents sunshine, health, excitement, warmth, joy and brilliance, giving people a sense of solemnity, dignity and mystery. In the natural world, it is also the color of many plant fruits. Orange floral works are both dynamic and modern, making people deeply happy.
Between blue and yellow, green has a fresh and refreshing smell that is always associated with the light fragrance of plants. In the green space design, you can throw yourself into the embrace of nature everywhere, just like stepping into the early spring season, everything gradually revives, spring warms the earth, a scene of vigorous vitality. In modern floral design, green is often used in conjunction with white to achieve a complementary effect.
White symbolizes purity, brightness, freshness and peace, is the eternal classic color, it is neutral, beautiful, fresh, elegant, dry and clear, looks bright and neat, in floral design as an intermediate color to match other floral materials, its simple style, bring a kind of tranquility, fresh visual enjoyment, feel extraordinarily kind, full of fashion and noble. Pure white is also often used as a wedding dress or bridal bouquet, symbolizing the purity of the bride, while making them look more pure and beautiful.
Blue is a pure cool color, showing a melancholy x depression, beauty, calm, rational and broad temperament, such as the blue of the sky, as deep as the sea? In the blue color floral space design, there is always a shadow of the Mediterranean style, refreshing.
Purple is the middle tone made of red and blue, representing richness, luck and wealth, is the color of luxury, purple in space floral design often reminds people of romance and graceful luxury, it can accommodate many faded layers, pure purple floral arrangement works as long as a small amount of white is added, it will fade into a soft color, and with the continuous addition of white, multi-layered mauve is also generated, and each level The lavender color of each layer is soft and moving.
The reasonable match between different flowers also needs to pay attention to the sense of color weight and volume. The weight of color depends on the brightness, high brightness feel light, low brightness feel heavy. The correct use of color weight, can make the color relationship balance and stability. The volume of color is related to the brightness and hue. Warm colors have high brightness, while cool colors have low brightness. In flower arrangement color design, you can make full use of this warm and cold nature of color to configure.
In addition, the color of floral art is also related to the color of the surrounding environment, in the case of darker colors in the surrounding environment, the color of floral art should be selected fresh and elegant, and vice versa, the environment is lighter, floral art color selection can be rich, brighter.

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