Basics of flower arranging

Artificial flower arrangement of several fixed method

Many housewives who love life often buy flowers, artificial flowers to dress up the home, to create a warm atmosphere at home, there are also many people use their free time to learn the art of flower arranging, so how to fix it in the process of flower arranging? Here are a few fixing methods for you.
  1. straight plug fixed method
  Is the artificial flowers with pliers according to the different flower arrangement requirements after cutting the flower branch, and then the flower branch directly into the vase of a fixed method. But how to make artificial flowers hand-rolled flower rod, plastic flower rod, dried flower rod, etc. after inserting the flower clay does not turn, not slipping? Note: too thin artificial flowers flower rod folded into a double-stranded flower rod, the turn with pliers clamping clip tip, the upper part of the slightly pulled away into a V-shaped, and then inserted into the flower clay, so it will not turn.
  Such as artificial flowers made of plastic casing (such as calla lilies), in the fixed must remove some plastic outer tube, so that the inner flower rod exposed about 7 cm before inserting into the dry flower mud, the general flower rod into the depth of the flower mud can not be less than 10 centimeters, and consider the location of the flower inserted once, do not pull out inserted several times, otherwise the flower rod easy to turn, move and slide, so that the whole work deformation.
  2. Plastic rod fixing method
  On the basis of the direct fixation method can be based on the flower arrangement at the time, a small amount of injection of some silicone or white glue, to strengthen the fastness of the flower rod, when the inserted flower rod feel less solid, such as turning, shaking, sliding up and down can gently pull out the flower rod, inject silicone in the jack or save some Panda brand white glue on the flower rod, and then inserted into the flower clay according to the original jack. Allow to cool and dry before modeling.
  3. Special flowers fixed method
  Some dry branches such as dragon willow, cloud mulberry, three branches of wood, wild mountain vine, etc., in the use of inserted into the clay is difficult to fix, easy to move, not firm, coupled with the dry branches of its own zigzag, so it must be fixed firmly, otherwise it is easy to loosen, slip off. Because the dry branches have a common feature: First, are thick under the top thin. Second, zigzag and change more. Third, the appearance is relatively smooth and easy to slide (except for wild vines). We insert these flower materials, first of all, according to the length of the flower arrangement needs to cut the material, with a saw saw is the most trouble-free way, also can be used to cut out a little depth in the cutting part of the diagonal pliers or with a hobby knife, and then force it to break, to be shaped in the mud part of the dry branch with a hobby knife will be sharpened, so that when it is inserted into the mud can produce expansion force expansion in the mud, and then finally injected silicone to strengthen the fastness.
  4. Saddle button fixing method
  This fixing method is mainly used to make wall plugs, floral production, potted flowers are mainly used for the fixing of flower branches across the flower clay. First of all to make a saddle buckle, this buckle we can take local materials, can use the flower arrangement when the abandoned hand-rolled flower rod to make. Hand-rolled flower branch is the main material is aluminum wire, not flexible, so folded into a saddle-shaped hardness is moderate, just the right thickness and no elasticity, is a good material for making a saddle buckle, the length is generally about 12 cm, and then folded into a saddle shape, the flower branch lying across the flower clay, with a few saddle buckle will be stuck in the flower branch into the clay, and inserted tightly, inserted firmly, and then finally injected into the silicone glue firm, after cooling can be.
  5. No mud fixed method
  Some flower vessels are smaller in diameter, deeper, can not be fixed clay how to do? We can use the artificial flowers to directly shape the flower rod, directly fixed in the flower vessel. First of all, try not to cut the flower rod, the length of the flower rod is the length of the shape of the flower plus about the height of the two flower vessels. Fold the flower rod into a double-stranded flower rod with an angle of about 30 degrees, and then insert it into the flower vessel so that the flower rod supports the inner wall of the vessel, trying not to make the flower rod turn or move. Note that perhaps when the work is inserted into the last few branches, the gap may become smaller and smaller, and the double-stranded flower rod can no longer be inserted tightly, which requires our stylist to be more flexible and cut the flower rod into a single-stranded flower rod and insert it into the flower vessel. The last few flowers are required to be inserted tightly and firmly to make a perfect and solid work.

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